Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Search All Day All Night

Sometimes I get caught up and lost in my search for new and interesting blogs. Lately I've been on an art blog kick but I also love interior design blogs, craft blogs, and baking blogs. The blog search can be a bit of a maze for me. I start out focused on one thing and then something catches my eye so I click...click...click. And then I can't find my way back to the beginning. There are so many things, people, paintings to discover. It's never ending.

Today I found a new, AWESOME, contemporary art blog called art-milk.com. I am starting to admire abstract & contemporary art and this website introduced me to a lot of cool art work.

A artist whose work really caught my eye was Matt Sohl. That's his painting at the top of this entry. I need to learn more about him! I am just now scrolling through his blog.

After I finish my painting for Charlie (almost done!) I am going to start experimenting more with abstract paintings. That is, if I break the blog searching cycle.


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