Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honeymoon In The Mountains

Baby it WAS cold outside!! Brad and I just got back from Telluride, Colorado where we spent our postponed honeymoon on the ski slopes. Telluride is a beautiful, laid back mountain town with so much character! It is a former gold mining town in the San Juan Mountains, located in the South West corner of Colorado. Skiing was great! Luckily we got hit by a snow storm on the third night which made for powdery conditions towards the end of the week. Other than skiing we got to see a Shawn Colvin concert at the historic Sheridan Opera House, we went out for great Thai food at Siam restaurant and we cooked in by candlelight while there was an all town power outage. Another highlight was our mid-week snowmibiling adventure. Two things a snowmobiling instructor should never tell you: 1. I just started snowmobiling two weeks ago. 2. I heard a man got decapitatied on a snowmobile once. Those utterances had me laughing hysterically/nervously the entire ride. Lovely, cold memories. I miss you Telluride!!

I'll be posting more pictures later...


sarahmcboyd said...

Sounds like you got a case of the giggles on that snowmobile, Buff!

Elisabeth said...

That's EXACTLY what I got. Almost as good as the bobsled ride!! Ha!

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