Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning by Doing

Lucky for me I finished a commission last week and I have two new art jobs to work on this week. I have been working in the studio all day yesterday and today on an illustration for a book cover. One thing I am learning about starting my art business is that I really have to stick to my niche. My specialties are landscape paintings and still life. I shouldn't try to be everything to everyone. It's a tough call when you really want to get some income flowing in.

One thing that is flowing in steadily is the amount of learning I do everyday. Sometimes it is frustration because I feel like, SHOOT I am WASTING TIME! But how else would I know what to do and what not to do unless I throw myself into new challenges? That is the outlook I am taking right now with my art biz. I do have goals though. That is also key.

I just read about some great tips on Art Biz Blog about the 4 essential things to do when starting your Art Biz. Here's page on Art Biz Blog where I found these tips:
Art Biz Blog Hot Posts

And here are the tips:
Step #1: Devote yourself completely to a studio practice
Step #2: Create your mailing list
Step #3: Connect with other artists
Step #4: Start writing about your art (and never stop)

So step number 4 is why I am blogging today and why I am going to be more consistent with my posts.


ERICA said...

thank you for sharing! i am still trying to discover my niche, and i just started writing which seems to be helping me evolve as an artist. Your art is beautiful, i especially love your bakery collection - i have always loved food art! (-:

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