Monday, May 3, 2010

Multiple Streams Of Income For Artists

This year I am eagerly trying to soak up as much information about the art business as possible so I decided to take an E-Course on Multiple Streams of Income for Artists and Crafters.  The online course is taught by crafter and business woman, Laura Bray.  So far she had us brainstorm 50 different ways to make money from art, especially focusing on ways to make money again and again from a single painting.  THAT is what I need to work on!  Some examples of artists/crafters who really do a great job at this are:

Mary Engelbreit 
Martha Stewart (look at all the items she has for sale - craft tools, home goods, books)
Paul Brent - one of the top art licensors in America

Hopefully that will be me someday - my art making money for me on everything from aprons to greeting cards, books, scrapbook papers, etc.

I am looking forward to learning what it takes to get there!

A screensaver by Mary Engelbreit


DancingRapunzel said...

I have been a huge fan of M.E. since my teen years. Her aesthetic and whimsical thoughts are so uplifting and translate on anything from teacups to totebags to almost anything! You have what it takes, Elisabeth. All the best to you!

Kelley Pounds said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Elizabeth, and I'm happy to be taking the class with you! I've already learned so much. :)

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