Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art I'd Like To Make

Lately I've been pondering some ideas for large format paintings and also thinking of the ideal painting style I'd one day love to achieve.  As for the idea, I'd love to tell a story with my paintings or show real life emotion, problems and situations.  The style I'd love to achieve is hyperrealism.  This type of painting is like photorealism but the paintings are based on photographs from digital cameras.  The digital photos used for the paintings are toyed with or keyed up a notch through editing to make an image that is MORE than realistic.  Then the painters paint the image, typically on a large scale canvas.  There are many painters in this genre who I really admire.  Maybe if I take a lot of classes and keep painting I'll be able to do this one day.
Here is one guy whose stuff I like:  Eric Zener
Here is another painter:  Alyssa Monks


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I just saw this and it reminded me of your post!

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