Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dessert Girl

By focusing my artwork on food I've had the chance to meet (through the internet) some foodies, food artists and food bloggers.  I LOVE checking out their blogs, talking blog talk with them and helping to promote each others' blogs. 

A really cool blogger, Dessert Girl, recently contacted me and asked if I could provide an illustration of a recipe that I tried.  Luckily I had just painted the Flakey Apricot Scones that I wrote about in May.  She was nice enough to blog about me and now it's my turn to blog about her.

Dessert Girl. "Where Design Meets Dessert," is a blog about sugar inspired foods and creative people who do things with dessert, like cooks, artists and illustrators.  Her blog is playful, colorful and a chock full of interesting dessert things that she's found.  I think she's realized the true essence of dessert - the part of a  meal meant to be fun, lighthearted and cheerful.  You should definitely visit her blog...and then get in the kitchen because you'll be inspired to make something sweet!

**The above cake is Dessert Girl's Heaven and Hell Cake with peanut butter mousse inside!!


Brandon said...

I love meeting new foodies as well. I also really want a slice of that cake :)


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