Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pretty Package Designs

Currently I have package design & illustration on the brain since I was recently hired to paint some desserts for the New Zealand food brand, Pams.  I am so thrilled to be working on this project and have become more interested in ogling food package designs on the web.  Here are some neat designs that caught my eye:

  Elizabeth Vereker's rebranding of a wine I tried in high-school (only once or twice!) - Boone's Farm.  I found this on a cool package design blog, TheDieLine.

Check out these Swedish gummi candy bags designed by Amore.  The expression on the mouse's face denotes either sweet or sour candy.  Those scrunched up eyes on the sour mouse are so cute!

Here's a pretty package for one of my favorite condiments: ketchup.  Ketchup gets a lot of action in my house and since it often sits on the table, I should probably upgrade to something more stylish, like this gourmet version I found on Lovely Package:



Sarah Coggrave said...

Looking forward to seeing your designs :-)

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