Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashion for the Work At Home Artist

Even though we work at home, we still have to make daily fashion decisions!
1.  Gap T-Shirts - $19.50 each (sometimes $9.99 when on sale) - super comfy and cute enough to leave the house in.  Cheap enough that if you get paint on them it's ok.
2.  Sanuk Vagabonds - the most comfortable shoes ever.  They feel like a slipper but you can where them to the store.  $48.00
3.  Fab Basic Cardigan at Forever 21 - Cheap, colorful coverups only $11.50.
4.  Old Jeans - The best way to re-use  old jeans - paint in them.  Added bonus - when you wear them out with paint on them, people think they are fashion statements!  Ha!
5.  Ring Holder - Don't forget to take off your rings and jewelry before painting.  This Elephant Ring Holder from Urban Outfitters is cute and only $12.00!


Chaucee said...

I love that sweater!

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