Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baking - a lasting hobby??

My friends and husband sometimes tease me that I get REALLY into hobbies, activities and ideas and later lose interest. This trait may run in my family. My brother Michael is far worse than I am. He has actually owned and since discarded clown paraphernalia, weaponry, a magic wand, magic trading cards, a vegan handbook and a snowboard. Maybe he still owns the snowboard. I know that he has stuck with tennis and is damn good!

Maybe I will stick with baking and maybe not. For now, I'm into it. If I gain 10 lbs. in the process, I soon won't be!

Anyway, I wanted to post the recipe I used for the Rocky Road Candy because it was really a hit at Thanksgiving and again with leftovers at the office.

The recipe I used for the Rocky Road Candy was found here at Eaglebrand.com

You can also make it without marshmallows and with Macadamia nuts for a nutty, fudge-like creation. Enjoy!


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