Friday, December 4, 2009

OMG - MAJOR FAMER on the premisis!

In my opinion, the biggest perk of working at a radio station is the occasional in-studio interview with a FAMER!!! (fyi Famer = celebrity) Yesterday we hosted one of the biggest famers we've ever had at the Sophie studio - Adam Lambert! As you can see with my excitement over Adam, the level of celebrity we usually get around here is c or d level. So with a BIG star on site, a few co-workers and I had our faces pressed up to the studio window (literally causing steam on the window) while Adam delivered an endearing and thoughtful interview. At first he was not going to allow photos because he has the flu. (Like we CARE about getting sick from Adam!) But due to our unfaltering smiles and waves through the studio window, he gave in. We got one photo with Adam below.

After the photo-opp we returned to our cubicles squealing like school-girls. I wonder what Adam thought of grown women in business attire fawning over him. I thought it was wonderful and slightly nerve-racking. I was definitely sweating when I returned to my desk. Whew. Back to selling air.


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