Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Finds: Pencil Pouches

I haven't bought a pencil pouch since elementary school but now that I am drawing all the time, I am in serious need!  If you're not into art, a pencil pouch could help you organize all the crap at the bottom of your purse, ie: candy, coins, makeup, tampons, you get the point.  Here are a few pencil pouches that I like on -

1.  Made by: Renneslechateau:
2.  Made by:  simbiosisbyjulia  and ON SALE!
3.  Made by: Hippopotamusgifts


passport in my pocket said...

these are amazing handmade finds! love that blue leather one. there's something comforting about little pouches. :)

Elisabeth said...

Yeah that leather one is rad. I wish I hadn't spent my etsy allowance yet for the month! Next month.

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