Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Art: Marzipan Teddy Bears and More

This Sunday I went to my friend Paula's baby shower and was treated to some of the most precious marzipan candies I've ever seen.  They were almost too cute to eat...almost.

These Marzipan treats came all the way from Medellin, Columbia, courtesy of Paula's mom.  The candies were in the shapes of little bears, diaper pins, even pacifiers.  The shortbread cookies all had a little marzipan teddy bear attached.  Since I've only seen such intricate Marzipan in Europe and South America, I decided to do some Wiki research on the origins.

Marzipan, a confection made of Almond Paste and Sugar, is originally believed to be from Persia and was introduced to Europe through trade.  Germany, Italy and Spain all specialize in famous Marzipan desserts.  There is even an EU law under which Marzipan must have a certain percentage of almond oil.  (Serious business!)  Marzipan is also a popular Christmas tradition in South America and other countries.

These treats were a big hit at Paula's party and I can't help thinking that a business specializing in these types of cookies would do really well in California!  If you've seen any bakeries in the US that specialize in Marzipan, let me know!


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