Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazing Red Velvet Cupcakes That Are Good For You (kind of)

This past Saturday Brad and I had a barbecue dinner party for a bunch of our friends to kick off the summer.  I made a ton of food including homemade pesto flatbread, bbq pulled chicken, sweet potato fries and of course, dessert!  I have always wanted to try Red Velvet Cupcakes so I grabbed an old recipe from my files.  The cupcakes turned out wonderfully!  I didn't know it at the time of baking and eating that this recipe was from Cooking Light.  I would NEVER have known this was a "light" cupcake recipe.  Actually, the lightness probably added to why I liked them:  they were fluffy and didn't feel like lead in your tummy after eating.  Knowing that these were light, I am bummed that I banished the cupcakes away to my husband's office.  Please let me know if you've had success with other light versions of desserts since now my home is cupcake free!  

Here is the recipe and the Light Red Velvet Cupcake


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