Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Local Art Scene: Pearl St. in Denver's Washington Park

River Sunset by Susan Bell
This weekend I got a chance to stroll down one of my favorite streets in Denver:  Pearl Street in Washington Park.  This street is lined with funky stores, yummy cafes and hip restaurants.  It has a youthful  yet posh vibe - kind of like a nice street in Chicago's Lincoln Park but with many more green trees and flowers.  I poked my head into a small gallery to check out the local art and had a nice visit with one of the artists, Jess Covey.  The Gallery, Bell Studio Gallery, is owned by Susan Bell but features a small number of other local artists who paint mainly in the representational style with only a few abstract/impressionistic pieces included.  I really liked the variety of work, the price points and the friendly staff.  I wish all galleries had a welcoming feel like this one did.  If you're ever in the Denver area you should check out Pearl St. and the Bell Studio Gallery.


Joan said...

Love the Paris pics and "journal de voyage." Bet those macaroons will make their way to your canvas soon. Glad you had a great time!

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