Friday, June 11, 2010

Is 'Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist' the Next Great Show or Not?

Did you catch the first episode of "Work of Art:  The Next Great Artist," on Bravo?  Since I love art and am shamelessly addicted to reality "contest" shows, I of course tuned in.  My take was that is was the "Project Runway" for aspiring artists.  So far, I like the show for a couple reasons.  One, it showcases visual artists in popular media which up until now has really been lacking.  I think this show could make way for more artists and crafters to have shows on TV similar to all the cooking and fashion design shows.  Two, I love contest shows.  They really get me fired up into dream thinking mode where I think, "UGH, if those people can 'make it' then so can I!".  Sometimes that's all I need to get my butt in gear for painting and other tasks that require more work than laying on the couch.  That's also how I justify watching these shows - they are inspiration!!  Good excuse I know.

So what did you think?  The LA Times HATED it.  But I think those newspaper art critics can be such art snobs.  I say 3 cheers for visual art making prime time TV!    

Here is my favorite artist so far:  Abdi Farah


Theresa Cifali said...

Hi Elisabeth! I am adding my 3 cheers to yours! I am really looking forward to seeing what kinds of challenges these artists are given. I like what I have seen so far.

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