Monday, August 9, 2010

Bagel Painting Part Deux

So on Friday I worked on the small bagel paintings based on my photos.  I worked at my kitchen table...
which is now my workspace of choice since I can listen to the TV and paint at the same time.  For me the TV thing works mainly because I use it as a motivational trick to get me to start painting.  If I didn't have the pull of Regis &Wendy Williams I might procrastinate my studio time.  It also provides me with needed breaks while I am painting.  I almost never get up to watch it unless something really juicy is going on.
For now, my kitchen is my primary studio space.  What does your studio space look like??


Beverly Gurganus said...

I, too, use my kitchen. When taking my painting courses, the topic of painting spaces came up with my professor, and she said that the kitchen (if a formal studio doesn't exsist) is often the favorite choice for artist. The light is much brighter.

I paint near my full pane window doors which also allows for some natural light along with the many recessed lights in the ceiling.

Elisabeth said...

I have a sky light in my kitchen which is nice. Sometimes the light from above can cause a glare but so far the kitchen is the best place I've found. Thanks for your comment Beverly!

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