Friday, August 6, 2010

Bagels on The Brain

While I've been painting bagels all day my mind has been jogging down bagel memory lane.  I have a long history with bagels as serving them was my first job ever.  I was gainfully employed at age 16 at the DeWitt Bagelry in my hometown of DeWitt, NY.  The bagels we sold there were FOR REAL, east coast, water boiled bagels with a crisp crust and a soft, chewy inside.  Not bread-y or cake-y at all!  I probably ate 1 or 2 a day back in HS.  Unfortunately the DeWitt Bagelry closed about 10 years ago due to the low carb craze and our enormous and amazing home town grocery store, Wegmans.  Wegmans bagels are not FOR REAL but you can't help but love everything that comes from Wegs if you are from Central New York.
  Wegmans - the place to BE in DeWitt, NY

My second encounter with amazing bagels were the steamed bagel sandwiches at CBA (Chicago Bagel Authority) in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  I frequented this place in college and after college when I lived just north of downtown Chicago.  Nothing cured a hanover like a soft bagel oozing with cream cheese AND regular cheese all melted together.  Yum.  Hmmm, how did I ever stay trim back in the day?  

Most recently I've been sans bagels since I quit the rat race to become an artist.  Back at my old radio sales job at KyXy 96.5, Friday was bagel day.  If you didn't mind germs and torn apart bagel remnants (I didn't) the bagel box was a life saver in the office!  


smcneil99 said...

good post! I miss east coast bagels! Have you tried PL Bagels in Point Loma? They're decent....

Joan said...

I like the reference to Wegmans bagels. I tried getting a bagel at a pastry shop in Alexandria Bay. It looked yummy in the window was not yummy. Next to Weggies bagels it tasted like cardboard made into a roll.

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